Barro Group General Manager

We have become concerned that the small anti quarry activist group are once again providing misleading information to the community with their recent release of a pro-forma designed to discredit the merits of the quarry extension project.

The Tactic for them is not new. They have previously employed it in an effort to boost numbers and it looks as though it is being wheeled out again.

Some of the wildly inaccurate information is again causing distress. [Read more…]

A time to focus on things local & facts

Barro Group General Manager

With the date now set for the Federal Election and campaigning underway anti quarry activists have once again taken the opportunity to rollout misleading claims about the impacts of the Mt Cotton Quarry extension Project.

The latest round of claims is a further attempt to confuse residents and to adversely influence the States proposed call in process.

We have responded by providing the local Federal Election candidates with the facts and have offered to showcase our plans for this much needed and long overdue project. [Read more…]

Quarry Appeal Continues

Barro Group General Manager

The Department of Transport and Main Roads have declined to participate in the Planning and Environment Court Appeal lodged by Barro Group against the Redland City Council’s decision to disallow the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension project.

The DTMR decision follows a similar move earlier this month by Logan City Council not to participate. [Read more…]

A Common Sense Decision

General Manager Barro Group

A Logan City Council decision not to join with Redland City Council in a Planning and Environment Court Appeal lodged by Barro Group is further verification of the value and need for the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension project.

The decision adds weight to the Barro case and clearly indicates that the concerns about the project raised by a handful of activists carry no depth, truth or validity.

The bad news from this decision is for the residents of Redland City, who will now be saddled, solely, with the legal costs for this legal appeal that is now underway. The Redland Councillors’ decided to push the matter to Court, despite recommendations of its own Council Officers, State Government approvals, Federal Government approvals and now Logan Cities verification. [Read more…]

Sign on the Dotted Line

General Manager of Barro Group

An outcry from some parents in the Redlands area about legal documents being sent to their children is ironically being described by their parents as outrageous.

The issue has arisen this week as the appeal by Barro Group to the Redland City Council decision to reject the company’s application to extend the Mount Cotton Quarry begins it long, arduous and costly process.

The facts are that Barro Group are legally obligated to contact every man, woman or child, who has put their name to a submission and we must advise them of the appeal. We have no choice in that matter.

Every submission made goes on the Redland Council public record so if you make a submission you do so knowing that it is an open document which must include your name and address. [Read more…]


General Manager of Barro Group

More mischievous claims circulating throughout Redland and Logan cities about the proposed Mount Cotton Quarry Extension project is drawing the ire of community and quarry workers.

I have been contacted by community members and staff at the Mount Cotton Quarry asking me to respond to a raft of recent claims that have emerged in social media and at other gossip gates around the region about the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project.

It is being alleged that there has been some sort of secret deal concocted between our company, the former State Government, and past local Councils which allowed us to illegally exact gravel worth tens of millions from a unformed and unmade road reserve. Nothing is further from reality [Read more…]


Barro Group General Manager

Minister for State Development and Deputy Premier, Jeff Seeney has been asked to intervene in the blockage of the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project following a decision by the Board of quarry owners, Barro Group to move ahead despite Redland City Council’s vote this week to vote down the $25 million investment project.

Barro Group will proceed with an Appeal to the Council decision in the Environment and Planning Court and work on the Appeal has commenced today. [Read more…]


Barro Group General Manager

An initial analysis of direct economic benefit to flow to the Redland City community from the Barro Group’s planned Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project has revealed a 50 year injection to the local community of over $ 400 hundred million dollars, excluding Government fees and charges.

The figure includes $12.5 million expected to be pumped into local businesses immediately construction on the 21 st century processing plant commences.

We have had the numbers prepared so that the community can better understand the advantages of a partnership approach to the Project. [Read more…]


Barro Group General Manager.

The decision by Redland City Council to ignore the advice and recommendations of its own Council Officers and vote down the proposed Mount Cotton Quarry extension has now set the scene for a legal battle which could cost each man, woman and child in Redland City approximately $20 each.

Barro Group has commenced legal appeal action to the Council decision which is set to be at least a $ 1.5 million dollar legal stouch. [Read more…]