Transport and Road Use

Previous traffic studies have found the anticipated future vehicle movements at the quarry will continue to be readily absorbed by the traffic flow at the site entrance and on Mount Cotton Road.  Additionally, no new roads or site entrances will be required under this project, however an upgrade to the existing entrance will be undertaken to improve safety.

Over the past 30 years the number of trucks transporting material from Mount Cotton Quarry has fluctuated in line with market demand.

This fluctuation is standard to the industry and will continue into the future.  Trucks are essential for transporting extractive resources to communities across South East Queensland and with demand continuing to grow and the cost of living rising, it’s important a source of product can be located close by.  The Mount Cotton Quarry is situated near the market it supplies, which means transport costs, along with the overall cost of construction, can be minimised.

Under this project, the quarry will continue to operate within similar daylight hours as the existing quarry.  The current site access, which has been previously upgraded and designed to accommodate the existing operations, will, with a additional upgrade,continue to operate safely and efficiently.