The Need

Now here’s something you may not know…

This year and each year, we require about 11 tonnes of quarry materials for each and every one of us, just to ensure we have roads, schools, hospitals and housing…

That is almost ten times more than the amount of food we require, per head, each year…

So this is critical.

And the challenge for community, Council and Government’s at every level is just this…

How can we align the needs of community and the needs of the wider environment?

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It is a critical question for Councils to consider how they best position the interests of residents in ensuring quarry materials are locally and economically available.

The answer lies in ensuring that quarry materials are and remain economically available and locally controlled.

This project, The Barro Group Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is just that, a locally based, locally monitored, locally regulated new bench mark.

And we will have achieved it right here…In Redland city.

And in the process we will see a massive injection of capital into the city…

We create immediate construction jobs and will create 50 on-going jobs.

It’s as smart as it is sustainable.

As practical as it is vital.

As environmentally pleasing as it is productive.