State Assessment Begins

Barro Group General Manager

The State Government’s assessment of the Barro Group application for the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is underway with the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning now becoming the assessment manager.

The Minister will have at his disposal a team of well qualified departmental planners and access to expert technical advice from state and local government employees who may also be assisted by specialist consultants to carry out the assessment process.

The call in process to date has been well articulated with clear time lines which have been rigorously met. We would like a decision on our project as soon as possible but the Minister has already extended the decision making time by a further 20 business days to ensure that sufficient time is allocated to enable a comprehensive assessment of the project. The community, like us, has had to put up with years of misinformation distributed by a small anti quarry activist group and this intense assessment will ensure accuracy and reality. It means a decision will now be made on need and fact, not myth.

Unfortunately and despite the rigour of the State Government approach, noise and distraction continues to flow from the small activist group.

You would think that once such process was announced they would let it run its course. Yet, after failing to get less than 100 adults and children to attend their “Last Chance’ rally and despite claiming to represent the voice of 9000 anti quarry activists there was a total of 743 representations made to the Minister of which 91% were simple sign on the dotted line proformas. The small group of anti quarry activists press on with distributing misinformation in the hope of hijacking the assessment process”

Of interest was that despite the Minister personally writing to each of the 1139 people who made written submissions to the Redland Council just over 12 months only 179 of these people showed continued interest in the project by responding to the Minister.

The remaining 960 people who did not bother to respond must now either be satisfied with the project merits or were unwitting victims of the anti quarry activist group “sign on the dotted line” door knocking campaign.

Most importantly the Ministers process has shown that Barro Group, Redland City Council and 99% of those who made representations all support the Ministers move to call in the project and assess it”

I would urge the activist group to allow the Minister’s Assessment to proceed unimpeded and without continuing their campaign of mis-information and personal attacks.

Barro Group has, in the past week, faced claims from the activists of political bribery, corrupt operations, ineffective management, unstable work places and then some. It is now time for the nonsense to stop.

We are hopeful now of a positive decision from the State Government by the 22nd of November bringing job security to our current work force, and creating long term local employment opportunities for 50 people. Additional jobs will also be available in the construction phase of the project, which will bring a $30 million boost for the city.

Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project will also see huge environmental positives for the area. The proposed project will see the dedication of over 430 acres of land for conservation and protection under a legally binding mechanism as well as the establishment of over 50,000 new trees.

We structured our 50 year project to be extremely inclusive and to work closely with community and Council. Over 50 years this will be a $400 million investment in Redland and Logan Cities future.