Quarry Appeal Continues

Barro Group General Manager

The Department of Transport and Main Roads have declined to participate in the Planning and Environment Court Appeal lodged by Barro Group against the Redland City Council’s decision to disallow the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension project.

The DTMR decision follows a similar move earlier this month by Logan City Council not to participate.

DTMR has already thoroughly investigated the proposal and set conditions of approval based on operational safety and the safety of road users of Mount Cotton Road.  This is a sensible decision by DTMR and their funds are much better spent fixing roads than paying lawyers.

The decision adds weight to the Barro case and clearly indicates that the concerns about the project raised by a handful of activists carry no depth, truth or validity. In the meantime the legal bill keeps mounting for Redland ratepayers as the Appeal process continues.

The long-term benefits of the project for the region are unquestionable and the need a growing reality.

An initial analysis of direct economic benefit to flow to the Redland City community from the Barro Group’s planned Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project has revealed a 50 year injection to the local community of over $400 hundred million dollars, excluding Government fees and charges. The figure includes $15 million expected to be pumped into local businesses immediately construction on the 21 st century processing plant commences.

We expect that over 50% of our initial construction budget will be spent locally, with the remainder going towards machinery that cannot be sourced locally. It will however be spent with Queensland based companies or Queensland distributors of overseas machinery and components.

Barro Group has always maintained a policy of spending local, where possible.

Local suppliers and local business are always given a priority, as is local labour. That is evidenced by our trading name, we brand ourselves as part of the local community, as Mount Cotton Quarry, because we are  a vital backbone to the community, providing much needed product  across the city and we therefore see our responsibility for community engagement, at every level, as extremely  important.

On-going the business, over its 50 year life will require direct labour, full time jobs worth $150 million in wages and saleries. As well the project will see local goods and services sourced worth over $20 million.

Our conservative estimates show we will source local services worth approximately $150 million, and will purchase locally, goods worth approx. $100 million.

These figures tell one story, while the company’s environmental commitment is another huge community benefit.

The Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project will see huge environmental positives for the area. The proposed project will see the dedication of over 170 ha of land for conservation and protection under a legally binding mechanism as well as the establishment of over 50,000 new trees. That increase to protected habitat areas for the city will bring significant benefit for the Redland koala population as well as other wildlife in the region.

The Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is about ensuring an ecological sustainable solution for the future. It is about providing the built environment we must have, and ensuring the wider environmental focus we need and demand. Most importantly, it’s about maximising the benefits for the community with a 21 st century approach to partnership quarrying.”