A time to focus on things local & facts

Barro Group General Manager

With the date now set for the Federal Election and campaigning underway anti quarry activists have once again taken the opportunity to rollout misleading claims about the impacts of the Mt Cotton Quarry extension Project.

The latest round of claims is a further attempt to confuse residents and to adversely influence the States proposed call in process.

We have responded by providing the local Federal Election candidates with the facts and have offered to showcase our plans for this much needed and long overdue project.

The consideration of a call in now begins a process that will, if progressed, purely focus on the merits of the project. It allows interested parties 15 business days to have their say on whether or not the development involves state interests, with the Minister now set to make a final decision on a call in before September 26th.

There are some indisputable facts about the project that the activists seem to want to ignore.

Sadly for the people of Bowman, Rankin and Forde there have been many, many claims and a barrage of misinformation that has circulated across the community and caused unnecessary angst.

Mount Cotton Quarry has operated for over 50 years and Barro Group has owned the business for over 20 years.

So this is not a new quarry project or a Super Quarry. It is about taking a 1960’s operation and extending its life for the next 50 years and it’s about doing so with a refreshing, world’s best practice, 21 st century approach.

The Project will establish a balanced position between quarrying and conservation and proposes to use just 28% of the site for quarrying purposes and the remaining 72% for conservation purposes.

This means that over 170ha, a huge area, will be provided as conservation land.

That is a huge boost to the land Redland now has protected in our city.

Added to this we have proposed that over 50,000 new trees will be established on the site which will increase Koala habitat and substantially link up the connectivity of vegetation corridors through the greater Redland and Logan rural areas. In fact the environmental science findings dictate that this project is part of the solution to increase the Koala population.

Claims that Koalas will need to be relocated off the site are just not true

It is far more likely that injured or orphaned Koalas from other locations will find their new home in the 170ha conservation area surrounding the quarry.

Mr Ridoutt says the quarry crushing operations are all contained inside purpose built buildings. Operations are also visually shielded being situated in a valley, surrounded by ridges on three sides, which also provides additional noise reduction.

With over a decade of planning we believe we have established world best practice for the project and I would urge anyone who has concerns to check the real facts on this website.

The economic advantages to the project, the huge, growing need for our materials in the local area and the environmental package we have assembled cannot be doubted or argued with. The Facts really do speak for themselves.

Over its 50 year life we will see an injection to the local community of over $ 400 hundred million dollars, excluding Government fees and charges. The figure includes $12.5 million expected to be pumped into local businesses immediately construction on the 21 st century processing plant commences.

The need is unquestionable.

There will only ever be two locally based quarries in Redland and Logan of any scale to meet local demand, and with other key projects and the official predicted growth figures for our region, locally sourced product is vital to keep building and construction, renovation and  infrastructure costs under control.

The Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is about ensuring an ecological sustainable solution for the future. It is about providing the built environment we must have, and ensuring the wider environmental focus we need and demand. Most importantly, it’s about maximising the benefits for the community with a 21 st century approach to partnership quarrying.