Koalas and Floras and Fauna

Environmental management plans form an integral part of this project.  Through the ongoing assessment and advice of Biodiversity Assessment and Management (BAAM), this proposal encompasses a carefully-designed Fauna Management Plan aimed at improving the long-term habitat viability and connectivity on the site for species including the koala, tusked frog and black-breasted button quail.

(BAAM) has identified habitat revegetation areas on the site, which hold significant potential for enhancement to improve habitat and connectivity for koalas, as well as other local fauna.Trees

Under the plan, proposed habitat restoration in quarry buffer lands will provide new koala habitat areas on land previously cleared for agricultural purposes. It is anticipated that over the life of the quarry there will be no net loss of koala habitat, but rather a net gain in koala habitat both in terms of increased food resources and enhanced habitat connectivity.

Overall the koala habitat restoration activities will aim to:

  • protect restored koala habitat from any future development over the life of the quarry;
  • reduce koala habitat fragmentation within the site and to increase opportunities for safe koala movement in the area
  • ensure restored koala habitat is sustainable over the long term;

A variety of flora grows throughout the area; however studies have found there are no endangered plant species growing on the quarry site.  There are also a number of environmental weeds on the site, which will be managed under the rehabilitation plans of this project to enable native bushland to flourish.