Some questions have been raised within the community over recent times.

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More general FAQ can be found below

Will the project lead to increased dust?

Will the dust affect the health of people living in nearby communities?

I live near the quarry and currently I can’t see the quarry. Will I be able to see it in the future?

Will the project have any impact on local roads, in particular Gramzow Road?

How will quarrying impact our waterways including California Creek, the Logan River and Moreton?

How will you manage any flooding or runoff from the site?

What measures are in place to protect the groundwater?

Will the project lead to increased noise?

What community engagement has been planned?

How will the project impact koalas living in the area?

What benefits will there be for these koalas?

How will you manage koalas living in the area?

What type of fauna exists on the site?

What are the long term plans for rehabilitation of the project site?

What do the project’s environmental offset strategies involve?

How many trees will be established?

What fauna protection and management plans will you have?

Will there be wildlife corridors developed on the site?

What type of flora exists on the site?

What flora protection and management plans do you have?

What water quality measures will be put in place?

What is Barro Group quarrying?

Why does Barro Group want to quarry more?

What will the quarrying material be used for?

How long will the project run for?

What does the project involve?

How different will the site look?

How long has Mount Cotton Quarry been operating?

Who is Barro Group?

Will I be able to access the site?

What opportunities are there for public recreation in the area?