Compliance and the Community

The project is already Department of Transport and Main Roads approved.  Department of Environment Heritage Protection & Department of Natural Resources and Mines approvals have also been obtained.

This also ensures compliance with Department of Environment Heritage Protection noise and dust criteria.

A development application for the project was received by Redland City Council on Wednesday 2 February 2011, after being enhanced by community input over the past 4 years.

Over a significant period of time, some objections have been lodged with council. There has been some confusion and exaggeration over the number of objections lodged so we have we attached Redland City Council’s own records. Please click here to download.

It is important to note that council’s own officers have reviewed the objections, added conditions and approved the project to proceed as a vital project for the Redlands and wider Brisbane region.

The plan encompasses the following:

  • The development of 4 additional stages of Mount Cotton Quarry, which will be rolled out consecutively over the life of the project.New Picture (2)
  • A community Consultation Group will be established once final council approval is received.
  • Through planned rehabilitation and conservation strategies, the project has also been aligned with the Redlands 2030 Community Plan in providing a diverse and healthy natural environment, with an abundance of native flora and fauna and rich ecosystems.
  • The Project will be under constant management and monitoring during construction and on-going quarry operations will be  guided and monitored by State and local authorities and will operate within Barro Group’s own best practice ethos.
  • More than 170 hectares (approximately 72%) of freehold land will be retained for conservation purposes for the life of the project, which includes extensive habitat restoration and maintenance.
  • Only 28% of the 241 hectare site will be used for quarrying activities under this proposal.
  • The extension of quarry operations at Mount Cotton Quarry will be within the owner’s (Barro Group) existing land holdings and adjacent to current operations, while using existing ancillary facilities at the current quarry site.