Claims beyond belief

General Manager Barro Group

The continuous dissemination of misinformation to Redland, Logan, Councillors, Politicians, state and federal and community leaders and journalists from the small, remaining group of objectors to our Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is not helpful and is time wasting for many of the recipients.

The tactic has drawn the disdain of a number of people who have expressed concern that such misinformation is continuously allowed to be circulated.

The author disseminating the misinformation purports and asserts that they are the  spokesman for the community but the real community consists of the 440,000 Redland and Logan people that have their own mostly unheard voice and will reap the long term benefits of the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension project.

The 45,000 people that will live in houses built from the projects quarry products, their elderly parents that will live in retirement accommodation built from the projects quarry products and their children who will go to schools built from the projects quarry products are the real community.

 The Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is about providing a balance to meet all community needs.

Of course the other population which should not be ignored is the quarry sites wildlife and particularly the Koala. The local Koala population will benefit from the 430 acres of conservation area to be created with over 50,000 new trees being established.  The new and enhanced habitat areas will provide better refuge for all wildlife and restore important connectivity links between surrounding habitat areas.

There can be no question that the site has been quarried for many decades and there can be no question that there is a long term local demand for quarry materials, 350,000 million tonnes are required by the Redland and Logan communities over the next 50 years.

Our commitment to the Redland area is beyond question.

Our business has always been part of the community with hundreds of local suppliers and customers and their employees engaging with us on a daily basis. We all want that relationship that has now been built up over more than 20 years to continue into the future, potentially for as long as 50 years in to the future.

These continuous attempts by the small activist group to muck rake and sensationalise aspects of the project are now having the reverse outcome being self-destructive and only leading to discreditation of their own group.

 Barro Group fully supports the processes now underway.

These are the proper processes that have the potential to take the assessment process back to the technical merits of the project and away from the political influence imposed by vocal minority groups.

Anyone who has been involved in or who has been watching these processes would scoff at the idea that “Favours” have been at play in what has been a very thorough review and consultation.

This has been a decade long processes and has been rigorous to the extreme.

They have been extremely thorough, repeated, examined, re-examined, adapted, argued, and developed. The processes have crossed all layers of Government, Federal, State and Local and have involved the consultation and review by numerous technical experts.

I wish to assure those Departmental and Council officers involved in the rightful assessment processes of our applications present and past, that Barro Group today, holds their integrity as highly as it does its own.