New Loader for Mt Cotton Quarry

General Manager of Barro Group

The Barro Group Mt Cotton Quarry in Redlands is the first company in Australia to purchase the world’s most environmentally sophisticated loader in its class.New Loader

The purchase, the first in the Groups global hunt for environmentally advanced technology, validates Barro’s commitment to develop Mt Cotton Quarry as a leader in sustainability.

The fact that Barro Group is the first to operate this type of loader in Australia demonstrates our commitment to being a leading 21st century quarry operator and a company that makes decisions based on minimising environmental footprint.

The new YL (Yard Loader) version of the Cat 980K features the new Cat C13 ACERT™ engine which meets the tough Tier 4 Interim US emissions standards.

It is an outstanding machine that includes a suite of technologies such as the upgraded ADEM™ 4 control module and the enhanced Mechanical Electronic Unit Injector (MEUI™-C) fuel system.

This loader has a Cat Clean Emissions Module and contains a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Diesel Particulate Filter and Cat Automated Regeneration System.

The machine is built with a 96% recyclability rate (ISO 16714) to conserve valuable natural resources and further enhance machine end of life value.
All major components are rebuildable, eliminating waste and saving money by giving the machine and/or major components a second – and even third – life.
Incredibly this loader with its 6.4 cu m bucket will allow the loading of a truck and trailer in 3 passes instead of 4. This is not only greater production but more importantly a 25% reduction on fuel burned per truck loaded.

Another huge bonus of such machinery is to minimise noise output during its operation.

I can’t believe how quiet this loader is. The sound pressure in the cab is 72 Db(a) and externally it is 78 Db(a) at 15 m. This is, on all accounts, one of the most environmental sophisticated wheel loaders available on the world market today and it the first major capital purchase associated with our recently approved quarry extension project that injects millions into the local economy.

The company’s commitment to the community and to environmental protection extends to every area of the project.
The major equipment evaluation and selection process is currently underway and once complete engineering drawings will be released for competitive tendering.

A Focus to Community and Environmental Protection

Barro Group General Manager

Attending to administrative matters raised in the conditions placed on the recent approval of the Mount Cotton Quarry Project has been the focus for Barro Group as development of Stage One gains momentum.

Understandably, a number of these matters require liaison with State and Local Government Authorities which has been a bit challenging through the Christmas and summer holiday break.

We have now made an application to the State to permanently close a road reserve. This small parcel of narrow state owned land runs through our property and was partially surveyed five generations ago, in the 1870’s.

Our move to purchase it relates to community safety which is a key priority for the Quarry development and is also a focus for Council and the State Government. The subdivision and development of the area over the past 140 years has negated the need for the land as a formed access road and with the usage of our area now determined for the next two to three generations a more realistic and sensible solution needs to be found. [Read more…]

A Decade in the Planning- The Benefits Will Now Flow

General Manager Barro Group

With approval for our project now granted by Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney I am enthusiastic about the future for our region, staff and the community. From early in the new year we will be commencing work on this exciting development for Redland City.

The approval brings an injection of $15 million into local business in Redland and Logan Cities starting 2014 and the overall $30 million project will create 50 full time jobs.

Long-term project will inject an estimated $400 million into the local community and local business from 2014 to 2064. [Read more…]

A Community Focus On Employment

 Barro Group’s General Manager

The local community appears ready and primed for us to begin work on our Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project, as we await a final decision on its future due on or before December 20th.

We are now receiving a steady flow of job applications by the company from individuals keen for work and while the applications are appreciated the company cannot make any commitments until the Minister for State Development, Geoff Seeney makes a final decision about the projects’ future.

There’s no doubt that the prospect of a new multi-million dollar project for the city is creating excitement. Rest assured however that if we are given the green light in the next few weeks, we will be commencing work quickly. [Read more…]

State Assessment nears Completion

General Manager

With a decision on the Barro Group application for the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is expected from the Queensland Government within the next two weeks I’d urge locals not to let themselves be misled by the continual raft of misinformation being distributed by the small anti quarry activist group. [Read more…]

A Little Noise & No Substance

The fragmented group of thirty or so protestors who turned up at Parliament House today to protest the against the potential granting of Ministerial approval for the  Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project serves as attribute to the group’s misguided campaign of misinformation and untruths.

Numbers again today feel well short of the thousands protest organisers called on to attend today’s rally.

Barro Group General Manager Ian Ridoutt says the rally was an indication that the group does not represent the views of the region and falls a long way short of being able to rally support or prove their claims with substantive factual information. [Read more…]


 Barro Group General Manger.

As promised I write to keep you up to date on our Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been some media focus which has prompted a few questions to us about the project, its expected output, our site location and project impacts.

The following aims to address those latest claims. [Read more…]

State Assessment Begins

Barro Group General Manager

The State Government’s assessment of the Barro Group application for the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is underway with the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning now becoming the assessment manager. [Read more…]

Support for Mount Cotton Quarry

Our local candidates in Redland and Logan Cities who have retained and won seats in the recent Federal Election are to be congratulated.

We now have an incoming Government with a commitment to economic stimulation and that is a welcome boost for the region and provides local industries with confidence to invest in the future.

A review of the voting at the polling booths closest to the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project suggests extremely strong support for projects such as this. [Read more…]

Claims beyond belief

General Manager Barro Group

The continuous dissemination of misinformation to Redland, Logan, Councillors, Politicians, state and federal and community leaders and journalists from the small, remaining group of objectors to our Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is not helpful and is time wasting for many of the recipients.

The tactic has drawn the disdain of a number of people who have expressed concern that such misinformation is continuously allowed to be circulated.

[Read more…]