A Decade in the Planning- The Benefits Will Now Flow

General Manager Barro Group

With approval for our project now granted by Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney I am enthusiastic about the future for our region, staff and the community. From early in the new year we will be commencing work on this exciting development for Redland City.

The approval brings an injection of $15 million into local business in Redland and Logan Cities starting 2014 and the overall $30 million project will create 50 full time jobs.

Long-term project will inject an estimated $400 million into the local community and local business from 2014 to 2064.

The Departmental assessment has been through and complete. It has addressed and dismissed all the misinformation that was pedaled out by the small anti quarry activist group. There now can be no doubting the enormous benefits for the communities of Redland and Logan that the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project will now bring.

For the 45,000 local people who will live in houses built from the project’s quarry products, their children who will go to schools built with the project’s quarry products and their elderly parents who will live in retirement accommodation built from the project’s quarry products, the project brings long term benefits of improved housing and building affordability to the local area.

This is an exciting project for our city. It is much needed and vital for the future and provides economic stimulus now.

A key priority for us will be to meet with the local Council and our local neighbours. We want to ensure that our commitment to the region is maximised and that at each turn, the community is aware of the progress of the project.

The community however appears ready and primed for us to begin work. We are now receiving a steady flow of job applications from organisations, businesses and individuals keen for work.

In essence the project will see the extension of the 1960’s operation at Mount Cotton into a 21st century facility. It does not deem the creation of new quarry. It is about taking a 1960’s operation and extending its life for the next 50 years and it’s about doing so with refreshing, world’s best practice as its lead.

It ensures an extension to Council’s on-going input and monitoring of operations, extends local output, reduces the need for transportation of quarry products into Redland City, extends and increases, enormously, the amount of land Redland City holds or has agreements over for conservation and Koala protection.

The project sees the dedication of 430 acres of land for conservation and Koala and wild life protection under a legally binding mechanism as well as the establishment of 50,000 new trees.

The Quarry will be developed over four stages with a life of over 50 years. It will supply about 45 million tonnes of quarry materials, the majority being supplied to the community’s needs in Redland City and Logan City. This is approximately 12% of the 350 million tonnes of quarry materials the regions will require during that period.

We are fortunate that the quarry reserves occur here, where local control can govern operations and where resources can be sourced locally, in a valley that is protected by ridge lines on three sides. It’s an extension to a quarry business that has been operating for over 50 years.

The work begins today and we will now begin liaison with Redland Council to make the project and its benefits a reality.

The Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is about ensuring an ecological sustainable solution for the future. It is about providing the built environment we must have, and ensuring the wider environmental focus we need and demand.