A Common Sense Decision

General Manager Barro Group

A Logan City Council decision not to join with Redland City Council in a Planning and Environment Court Appeal lodged by Barro Group is further verification of the value and need for the Mount Cotton Quarry Extension project.

The decision adds weight to the Barro case and clearly indicates that the concerns about the project raised by a handful of activists carry no depth, truth or validity.

The bad news from this decision is for the residents of Redland City, who will now be saddled, solely, with the legal costs for this legal appeal that is now underway. The Redland Councillors’ decided to push the matter to Court, despite recommendations of its own Council Officers, State Government approvals, Federal Government approvals and now Logan Cities verification.

Logan City Council obviously isn’t up to paying unnecessary costs or making their ratepayers carry the burden of simply playing politics in quite the same way Redland is.

Whilst voting to refuse the quarry development application, Redland Councillors are also advocating that the State Government step in and carry out the assessment process in matters such as these. This would override the existing Council decision and halt the legal appeal and save the Redland rate payers from the potential $1.5mill legal exposure.

This Logan decision is mindful of the realities that local communities face.

Redland and Logan City’s will need a staggering 350 million tonnes of extractive material over the next half century. It equates to the use of about 11 tonnes per person per year across the two cities. This is almost ten times the amount of food we require each year.

The need for the project within Redland City, Logan City and indeed South East Queensland is beyond question. The State Government has listed the area as a Key Resource Area, the project carries State significance.

We are now also speaking with the State Government to seek their intervention.
We firmly believe that our ten years of planning for this project is in the best interests of the region. The input we have received from most sections of the community has been appreciated and where possible, incorporated into this application and we believe it has resulted in a final plan that offers real sustainability.

This project has never been about just extending a quarry.

More to the point, it has been about taking a 1960’s operation and extending its life for the next 50 years to ensure we can meet the huge demand in our Cities. It’s been about bringing quarrying in the city into the 21 st century by meeting community demand and expectations. In so doing extending the company’s ability to provide for the needs of the future from a local base that is locally controlled and monitored.

It is about making the necessary industry of quarrying sustainable and bringing the Redland operation up to world leading status. This is a bench mark project offering world best practice environmental outcomes.

21 st century technologies have made a world of difference.

The Mount Cotton Quarry Extension Project is about ensuring an ecological sustainable solution for the future. It is about providing the built environment we must have, and ensuring the wider environmental focus we need and demand.